jQuery Fit Footer To Window Height


Sometimes your content just doesn't fit the window height, for exampling when you're styling a page with placeholder content. Or, for a short post like this.

That's why I use the script below for making sure my footer appears at the bottom of pages where the content is shorter than the window:

function AdjustWindowHeight()
    var requiredHeight = $(window).height() - $("#footer").height();
    $('#wrap').css('min-height', requiredHeight);

$(window).on("resize", AdjustWindowHeight);

$(function () {

Or the minified version:

function F(){var a=$(window).height()-$("#footer").height(); $("#wrap").css("min-height",a)}$(window).on("resize",F);$(function(){F()});

All you need is a div containing all your footer content and and wrap div containing all other content:

<div id="wrap">Content</div>
<div id="footer">Footer :)</div>
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